I Wrote This. And Narrated it.

Headless audiobook cover 2a sm

My latest audiobook release might be a little confusing to those who don’t know me. But yes, this book, Headless by Tristram Lowe, is written and narrated by me.

Who is this Tristram guy then?

Well … it’s me. I mention this briefly on my About page and in a little more detail in the And More section. I write under a pseudonym, and it’s a little more than just a pen name to me, but I haven’t written the post to explain that yet.

In addition to reading other people’s fine stories, I write my own. This one is about a serial killer in Japan. It has some scary moments, but it’s not as frightening as it may look. In fact, it can be pretty light and even humorous at times.

Listen to the sample:


Click below if you want it for free on Audible.com.


Or join Tristram’s (my other) mailing list, if you want a code for Headless and want to hear more about my writing.

Here’s a blurb:

A serial killer in Japan has been collecting heads. When the fifth victim is discovered, the fourth victim’s head is found at the murder scene. Is the killer slipping up? Or intentionally leaving a clue?

Akio Tsukino, a second-rate staff photographer at a Tokyo newspaper, tired of shooting festivals and grade school plays, manipulates his way onto the assignment with top writer Masami Sato. As the heart-pounding story unfolds and things turn supernatural, the mismatched journalists hope to survive without losing their own heads.


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