Tristram Lowe

People wonder why Brad decided on a pen name for his fiction. A full post about this is coming soon. But for the quick and dirty answer, it’s this:

There’s already a published author named Brad Wilcox who has quite the following. He’s a religious kid’s book author and public speaker who this Brad knows very little about, but he has a very strong online presence.

So Brad decided to change it up completely so there would be no confusion. If you google Brad Wilcox, you come up with a lot of different people. If you google Tristram Lowe, you get one.

FYI, there’s a porn actor named Brad Wilcox too, and some of Brad’s IMDB credits still end up on his page. That’s why he added the C. to his acting name. But he felt as an author, adding an initial wasn’t enough.

Here is Tristram’s website.