NEW RELEASE: A Sliver of Redemption

A Sliver of RedemptionGet your half-orc brotherly mayhem here.

My latest narration gig is A Sliver of Redemption (The Half-Orcs, book 5) by best-selling author David Dalglish.

This was a really fun read. The half-orc brothers, Harruq and Qurrah Tun, have been through a lot together, and there are epic battles and adventures yet to be had here. In spite of being book 5, I think it stands on its own, giving you enough back story as you go so you never feel lost.

And given some of the horrible things some of the book’s characters have done in previous books, maybe starting here isn’t so bad. You get to hear about it without all the gory detail.

No spoilers, but this book is a bit different. Some of the characters do a little transforming. And there are a lot of other characters to follow as well: gods, angels, demons, elves, and more, all with an epic and unexpected conclusion.

So if you’re into epic, dark fantasy, don’t miss this one!

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