Brad C. Wilcox is a storyteller. He is an actor, songwriter, singer, and novelist, among other things. Storyteller seems to cover it all.

Brad was born in Michigan and raised in Colorado, but has lived in Los Angeles for almost all of his adult life. He discovered his singing and theatrical talents when his friends talked him into joining the choir his junior year in high school, not because anyone had ever heard him sing—they hadn’t, and neither had he—but because there were girls. Unlike joining a sports team, choir was co-ed.

So with that undeniable call of youth, he joined. And with the wonderful guidance and passion of Jeannie Miller, his choir teacher, found out he could actually sing pretty well, even getting accepted into the Western Slope Honor Choir.

He was cast in the high school musical the next two years, his senior year as the lead role of Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls directed by another inspiring, passionate soul, Cris Aronson. It was a magical time. Brad had found a calling. Being on stage and backstage was a revelatory experience. Putting a show together as a team from script to opening night was absolutely amazing. It was the arc of storytelling in all its glory.

Life was changed forever.

Strangely, Brad did not rush off to drama school after high school. He had primarily been a visual artist so far in his young life, spending long hours with a pencil and pad drawing mostly fantasy art. His other pastimes included writing stories and songs, but neither had been considered as a possible career. Because fantasy art was deemed impractical, he was guided into advertising design.

Six months at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver was all it took for the memories of the stage to become too much to ignore. Brad left the CIA and headed to Los Angeles to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Ever the changeling, not long after graduating from AADA and performing in some plays (including at the Colony Theatre and OC Shakespeare) and a couple short films, Brad embraced the music side of his life and, for the next several years, focused on writing and performing in bands and as a solo acoustic act. You can hear some of his music from that period here.

Eventually, he returned to acting on the stage and film, performing at the Eclectic Company Theatre (where he won two audience awards for best actor), the Theatre @ Boston Court, and many others, as well as several more short films, a couple features, some web series, and TV.

More recently, Brad’s love of acting has mingled with his love of writing, and he has become an audiobook narrator. He loves being able to tackle the entire production of a book, performing all the voices and bringing authors’ stories to life. This is currently his primary focus as an actor, but he plans to expand into other areas of VO work as well. As a video gamer and fan of animated films and series, getting into voice over for video games and animation is in the works.

Throughout it all, Brad has continued writing stories—actual stories with words on paper. It has always been his first love. With music, it was much easier to express, as he was the primary lyricist and songwriter in all but one of his bands, and during that time, he insisted he was a writer first.

Now, he has finally realized one of his writerly dreams and has published a novel under the pen name Tristram Lowe. You can learn all about Tristram, the novel, Headless, and keep notified of more books to come right here.

Ultimately, Brad hopes to enrich others’ lives as writers and artists have enriched his over the years, to pay it forward by creating art. He hopes to move people to tears, laughter, or perhaps a moment of empathy and understanding. At its very least, art makes the world tolerable, and that is no mean feat sometimes. At its best, art can engender massive world change. Brad aims to be a part of that constant battle, that transformation, that creative spirit that spins the world. Because without art, without creation, without stories, we are nothing.